Homeopathy is a holistic natural therapy individualised to stimulate the body's immune system and restore health.

  1. What do homeopathic consultations involve?
  2. Why are follow up consultations so important?
  3. What is the difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine?
  4. How is homeopathy different from naturopathy?
  5. How does homeopathy work?

1. What do homeopathic consultations involve?

A first consultation involves, going through a detailed medical and personal history to understand the patient’s illness and match their symptoms to a homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy does not involve massage, testing equipment, acupuncture or injections. General health such as blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate and body temperature may be measured when relevant.

Follow up consultations involve assessing the progress of the treatment. As treatment progresses symptoms need to be monitored and adjusted accordingly, such as the dose and potency of the homoeopathic medicines. The patient’s symptoms and recovery will dictate the requirements, often new symptoms will mean a new better matching medicine to be prescribed.

2. Why are follow up consultations so important?

Following the patient’s progress and fine tuning the prescribed medicine is important after the first consultation. Each patient’s health needs are different and changes in physical and emotional symptoms will indicate how to continue the treatment at the pace most suited to their present health needs.

3. What is the difference between homeopathy and conventional medicine?

The biggest difference between conventional medicine and homeopathy is how the medicine is selected.

Homeopathy is based on treating the patient as a whole person - physical, mental and emotional. Homeopathic medicines are individually matched to the patient’s unique symptoms of their illness. The aim of homeopathic treatment is to remove the underlying imbalance and restore health in a safe, gentle and side effect free way.

Conventional medicines are based on treating the physical symptoms of the patient and do not take in to consideration other individual aspects that may be contributing or causing the illness. Many conventional medicines while helping to control symptoms, suppress the illness as they do not address the underlying cause.

4. How is homeopathy different from naturopathy?

Homeopathy uses many plant products which are prescribed in a homeopathic potency. This means that they are dilute and void of any toxicity, making them safe for anyone to take, even pregnant women and babies. Diet and lifestyle are also considered, but it is the prescribed homoeopathic medicine that is used to directly treat the patient’s illness.

Naturopathy combines many natural therapies, such as herbal medicine, massage, nutrition and can include a basic homeopathic 6 month course. Naturopaths are like the general practitioners of the natural health field, they look more at diet and lifestyle factors contributing to illness. Herbal medicines have physical properties similar to conventional medicines and are made directly from plant substances without any dilutions. Herbal medicines, vitamins and minerals are not always safe for children or during pregnancy and the dosage and quantities need to be carefully monitored by a professional.

5. How does homeopathy work?

Homeopathy is a method of treatment that supports the body's own healing mechanism. It is based on the law of similars ‘like cures like’. A homeopathic medicine is an extremely pure natural substance that has been diluted many times. In large quantities these substances would cause the same symptoms the patient is trying to cure. In small, pure and diluted doses it is not only safe and free from side effects, but it will trigger the body to heal itself. Red onion or allium cepa is a medicine that is used to treat burning watery eyes and a runny nose, like the symptoms of hay fever. After cutting a red onion a person will notice the same symptoms. The patient’s hay fever symptoms that match the homeopathic medicine allium cepa will respond and help to restore the balance, reducing or stopping the burning watery eyes and runny nose.

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Effective for acute and chronic illness
Natural, gentle and holistic
Safe, no side effects
Effective for acute and chronic illnesses
Fast acting relief
Doesn't interfere with conventional medicine
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"The white patches on my arms and elbows have reduced by about 30% after starting treatment. This is the only improvement I have seen after trying several other therapies. Thank you Anthony for all your professional assistance."

Mrs. D. Patel, Singapore, Singapore


"I had visited my doctor several times with a recurrent cough and cold and had taken several courses of antibiotics, which didn't help. After taking only a few doses my nose cleared up and then my cough within a few days. Thank you Anthony."

Mrs. J. Caudwell, Adelaide, Australia
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