Homeopathy is a holistic natural therapy individualised to stimulate the body's immune system and restore health.

How is homeopathy different from conventional medicine?

Homeopathy treats patients with both acute and chronic problems, many of which have failed to respond to conventional medicines. Homeopathy is aimed at treating the underlying cause of illness rather than the just the disease diagnosis. Conventional medicines can generally suppress symptoms rather than treat the underlying cause. Homeopathy views the patient as a whole, by differentiating those symptoms which are unique to the individual, instead of diagnosing and prescribing on the basis of the common physical symptoms.

Simply put, homeopathy treats the patient as a whole while conventional medicine treats the disease and as such, homeopathy can be considered effective in almost any ill health, where tissues have not been irreversibly damaged.

Some of my patients have begun their treatment with Homeopathic Care because they have suffered side effects from conventional medicines and others because conventional tests have failed to find the cause of their problem.

Data collection study of patient reported outcomes, across all five homeopathic hospitals in the UK (NHS).

Initial consultation

Homepathic medicines

During the first consultation a full medical and personal history of the patient is required to ensure the most appropriate course of treatment is applied.

In addition to this, mental, emotional and physical symptoms will need to be understood for effective treatment.

Symptoms such as food cravings and aversions, appetite, perspiration, bowel habits, environmental temperature tolerance, menstrual function, sleep and dreams will be considered in prescribing the correct homoeopathic medicine.

The homoeopathic medicines will be matched to the patient’s individual symptoms. This first consultation lasts about 45 to 90 minutes.

All records are kept strictly confidential.

Follow-up consultations

Homeopathic follow-up consultations are extremely important for evaluating and monitoring the progress of the patient's health.

Suffering headaches?

Consultations take 30 minutes and are usually scheduled 2 to 4 weeks apart depending on the specific condition treated and rate of individual recovery.

Patients need to observe their current symptoms and how they are changing over the treatment periods.

Feedback from the patient and updated medical reports will play an important role in evaluating and monitoring the progress of the treatment. Chronic conditions generally require a few months of treatment to completely see the transformation in their health.

There are no standard homoeopathic medicines for ill-health. For example, when I see a patient with a migraine I will need to understand their symptoms as each case of a migraine is different with each patient.

I have treated many patients with migraines and given different homeopathic medicines to each of them according to their individual symptoms. Understanding patients comes from experience and collective knowledge so each patient is given a personalised consultation.

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Effective for acute and chronic illness
Natural, gentle and holistic
Safe, no side effects
Fast acting relief
Doesn't interfere with conventional medicine
Private healthcare rebate



"The white patches on my arms and elbows have reduced by about 30% after starting treatment. This is the only improvement I have seen after trying several other therapies. Thank you Anthony for all your professional assistance."

Mrs. D. Patel, Singapore, Singapore


"I had visited my doctor several times with a recurrent cough and cold and had taken several courses of antibiotics, which didn't help. After taking only a few doses my nose cleared up and then my cough within a few days. Thank you Anthony."

Mrs. J. Caudwell, Adelaide, Australia
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